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Mountain High Capital is an oil and gas exploration fund investing in income-generating oil mineral rights across the United States. Quality research. Better decisions. Higher yields.

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More Than

900k Barrels

Expected growth in global demand for Petroleum (IEA)


$297 Billion

Expected growth in global demand for Petroleum (IEA)


Equity Crowdfunding: How It Works

Equity Crowdfunding is the major vehicle we use to offer investments. Sometimes referred to as crowd equity, or crowdinvesting, equity crowdfunding allows multiple parties to invest into the same platform in the oil and gas industry, combining resources in order to increase the value of the platform, therefore potentially creating a higher return on investment. Here at MHC, we strive to generate the highest return on investment possible, and we believe that through this equity crowdfunding strategy, we can dynamically influence the fate of what we believe to be very lucrative projects and companies.

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